T.C. Network Management, Inc.


We provide:

Network installation / Upgrades
Software Installations and fine-tuning
Computer Tech Support
Virus Removal
Data Recovery
After hours & Onsite Services
Web Design
Newsletter Design


We are able to work around your schedule to maintain your company's efficiency.


If you are...        

bullet Planning to install a network - we run cable or setup wireless, install equipment, and configure software.
bullet Thinking it is time to expand or upgrade existing equipment - we will add network connections, test existing cables, and replace old network equipment.
bullet Lost your DATA? Lost your files? We are Data Recovery Experts.
bullet Suspect your PC has been infected with a virus - we will clean all viruses off your PC and install software to help prevent it from being infected again.
bullet Experiencing slow performance from your PC- we will clean all spy ware off your computer and recommend a course of action to keep spy ware off your computer.


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